New Idea Solutions, NIS, started when our great and powerful observer reached out to Carmen. Carmen, at the time, was but an ordinary person. However, the whispers from our great observer transformed her into the prophet's messenger. She started NIS with members Mallory, Aliya, Liam, Trisha, Rachel, Isaac, Charles, Kai, Zander, Sarah, and Zach. Over time, our observer whispered again to Carmen. He spoke of an infusion that would ascend those who partook. Mallory, Aliya, and Liam volunteered, and they ascended. The infusion was done again, but something went wrong. When the smoke cleared, Trisha, Rachel, Isaac, Charles, and Kai were gone. The observer warned that a trial would soon come along in the form of a liar. Sure enough, someone who called themselves X started spreading lies about NIS. They said that NIS was a cult and had engaged in unethical activity. Those are obviously lies. NIS is simply a group of people wishing to spread the word of the prophet.